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Author: Andrew Howe via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: Andrew Howe
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Questions...
Hi Gareth,

Apologies: I replied to your original message with the slides you mentioned
attached, but it looks like the reply got stuck in the mailing list system.

I've removed the attachment and replaced it with a Google Drive link which
hopefully you can access.



Hi Gareth,

I've squashed down and attached the slides from my January 2019 PLUG talk
on load balancing with the Linux kernel: hopefully they make it through via
e-mail **[They didn't: see this Google Drive link
instead]**. The slides aren't _too_ detailed, but it might be a starting
point for you.

Is your query about load balancing in relation to a specific project or
more curiosity?

Two places I'd recommend starting from:
* Using the Linux kernel (via IPVS/LVS) is still a strong load balancing
solution (see:, and this video I produced
about LVS and one of its most useful modes, here:
* A more 'modern' approach might be to use a full reverse proxy type load
balancing solution: HAProxy is an amazing FLOSS project that does this very
well (see its homepage:, and its extensive

Happy to offer specific advice if I can; load balancing is still my day job


On Mon, 24 Aug 2020 at 19:41, Gareth Evans via Hampshire <
hampshire@???> wrote:

> Hello all,
> 1. Is it generally worth posting to both the Hampshire and Portsmouth
> lists? ie is Portsmouth (by virtue of membership) a subset of Hampshire?
> Just thinking I might be missing potential expertise by tending to post
> only to Hants.
> 2. Are there any slides/notes etc for the Load Balancing talk back in Jan
> 2019? I somehow missed it at the time. Much as I would like to come to
> the talks (when physical rather than virtual), that would probably be quite
> challenging as I'm deaf, so I would be grateful for slides/notes etc if
> any. Couldn't see anything on the website and just thought I'd ask.
> 3. Book recommendations would be appreciated re:
> i load balancing
> ii software-defined networking
> Thanks,
> Gareth
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