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Author: Gareth Evans via Hampshire
To: hampshire, portsmouth
CC: Gareth Evans
Old-Topics: [Hampshire] ZFS modules seem to have disappeared
Subject: [Hampshire] Questions...
Hello all,

1. Is it generally worth posting to both the Hampshire and Portsmouth lists? ie is Portsmouth (by virtue of membership) a subset of Hampshire? Just thinking I might be missing potential expertise by tending to post only to Hants.

2. Are there any slides/notes etc for the Load Balancing talk back in Jan 2019? I somehow missed it at the time. Much as I would like to come to the talks (when physical rather than virtual), that would probably be quite challenging as I'm deaf, so I would be grateful for slides/notes etc if any. Couldn't see anything on the website and just thought I'd ask.

3. Book recommendations would be appreciated re:

i load balancing

ii software-defined networking


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