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Author: John via Hampshire
To: Rob via Hampshire
CC: John
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] [Hardware] Fans

On 19/09/2020 12:04, Rob via Hampshire wrote:
> Hi all
> As ever – quick questions with more detail below.   I’ve got a brand
> new PC (mobo, PSU and cards) in a very old case with no System Fan
> (big “funnel” seems to be all it has) – is that a recipe for
> disaster?   If so – do I either transplant into a new case or attempt
> to mount a system fan somewhere in the old case?   For those that
> think this is a no-brainer because a fan is so cheap compared to a new
> case (and all the trouble of the transplant) – please bear in mind I
> have very poor sight and, though I have a fully sighted helper – she’s
> a technophobe!   Hence “mounting a fan somewhere” is not as easy as
> you might think.
> A bit more detail:
> A few weeks back I posted here about the lagging / delay issues I’ve
> been having with my new PC (replaced in June) and running W10 –
> apologies for OT post.
> I’ve managed to improve things (by turning off the 3^rd monitor) but,
> this very morning, after leaving the PC on accidentally all night, the
> lags were back with a vengeance.   This made me think it’s more likely
> to be a heat issue.   That said, I have just rebooted and things seem
> ok (for now!!).
> Said PC is a mobo bundle I bought from Novatech which we transplanted
> into a very old case.   The case is fine but, instead of a system fan,
> it has an internal “funnel” connected to a grill in the case wall.  
> There is a fan on the PSU and one on the CPU but these are the only 2.
> I had a quick tweak of the BIOS settings and just realised that,
> despite it saying CPU temp is around 39 deg C, it was giving me an
> alarm so often (and in times of load) that I’ve had to switch it
> off.   I’d not considered overheating as an option before – and it’s
> never shut down or anything like that.
> So any constructive solutions would be very welcome.
> Cheers
> R

I bought my PC from Novatech in 2007 as a "bare-bones-bundle" (mobo -
case - memory). As yours, it has the "funnel" directing air to the CPU
cooler fan, another fan in the PSU, and a third 120mm fan screwed inside
the grille below the PSU blowing out of the case. This fan is connected
to the SYS_FAN header on my mobo. I haven't experienced any issues with
overheating but this wasn't a top-end model even back then.

Hope that this is of some assistance. I can send you a photograph of the
internal layout of my PC if that helps.


P.S. Looking at the amount of dust that accumulates inside my PC, it
looks like a very cost-effective alternative to running a Dyson,
particularly as this is internet-enabled.

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