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Author: Rob via Hampshire
To: 'Hampshire LUG Discussion List'
CC: malpass9875
Subject: [Hampshire] [Hardwae] Fans
Hi all

As ever - quick questions with more detail below. I've got a brand new PC
(mobo, PSU and cards) in a very old case with no System Fan (big "funnel"
seems to be all it has) - is that a recipe for disaster? If so - do I
either transplant into a new case or attempt to mount a system fan somewhere
in the old case? For those that think this is a no-brainer because a fan
is so cheap compared to a new case (and all the trouble of the transplant) -
please bear in mind I have very poor sight and, though I have a fully
sighted helper - she's a technophobe! Hence "mounting a fan somewhere" is
not as easy as you might think.

A bit more detail:

A few weeks back I posted here about the lagging / delay issues I've been
having with my new PC (replaced in June) and running W10 - apologies for OT

I've managed to improve things (by turning off the 3rd monitor) but, this
very morning, after leaving the PC on accidentally all night, the lags were
back with a vengeance. This made me think it's more likely to be a heat
issue. That said, I have just rebooted and things seem ok (for now!!).

Said PC is a mobo bundle I bought from Novatech which we transplanted into a
very old case. The case is fine but, instead of a system fan, it has an
internal "funnel" connected to a grill in the case wall. There is a fan on
the PSU and one on the CPU but these are the only 2.

I had a quick tweak of the BIOS settings and just realised that, despite it
saying CPU temp is around 39 deg C, it was giving me an alarm so often (and
in times of load) that I've had to switch it off. I'd not considered
overheating as an option before - and it's never shut down or anything like

So any constructive solutions would be very welcome.



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