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Author: Rob via Hampshire
To: 'Hampshire LUG Discussion List'
CC: malpass9875
Subject: [Hampshire] Compiling old source
Hi all

I'm trying to compile a very old source file (see
http://elkulator.acornelectron.co.uk/) on Bionic Beaver and having little
luck. I've not been into the source itself but the README suggests I need
4 libraries:

Allegro 4.x




I've not (yet) researched whether or not these have forked into other
projects because what I really need to know is whether (for example)

Apt-get install liballegro-dev

(or whatever allegro is now called) is all I need to satisfy the first
requirement or do I need to tell the compiler the library's there in some
other way? Or will it find it for itself? I don't really want to dig
into the source itself (and no - there is no binary package before anyone
asks) but am I going to be forced to?

As you can tell, I've never been too hot on C libraries - well not these
libraries anyway!



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