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Author: James Courtier-Dutton via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: James Courtier-Dutton
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Compiling old source

I got elkulator compiled and working


It required a fair bit of editing to get it working.
The main problem was getting it to recognize the allegro4.x is installed.
The only thing you need from the tar file is allegro.m4.
copy the allegro.m4 file into the elkulator folder in a new sub directory
in ./m4/allegro.m4
in the elkulator directory run
aclocal -I m4
mv configure configure.old
This should re-generate your "configure" script.
If it fails looking for install-sh.
rm install-sh depcomp missing compile COPYING INSTALL
autoreconf -vi
then try ./configure again.

I also found that ./src/uef.c needed editing:
--- t3/src/uef.c 2010-07-17 09:15:23.000000000 +0100
+++ src/uef.c 2020-10-15 21:44:01.283483882 +0100
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@

int tapelcount,tapellatch,pps;
int intone=0;
-gzFile *uef;
+gzFile uef;
int cswena;

 int inchunk=0,chunkid=0,chunklen=0;
@@ -256,6 +256,6 @@
         if (uef)
- uef=(gzFile *)NULL;
+ uef=(gzFile )NULL;

Tell me if this helped.

Kind Regards


On Wed, 14 Oct 2020 at 15:30, Rob via Hampshire <
hampshire@???> wrote:

> Hi all
> I’m trying to compile a very old source file (see
> on Bionic Beaver and having little
> luck. I’ve not been into the source itself but the README suggests I need
> 4 libraries:
> Allegro 4.x
> OpenAL
> ALut
> Zlib
> I’ve not (yet) researched whether or not these have forked into other
> projects because what I really need to know is whether (for example)
> Apt-get install liballegro-dev
> (or whatever allegro is now called) is all I need to satisfy the first
> requirement or do I need to tell the compiler the library’s there in some
> other way? Or will it find it for itself? I don’t really want to dig
> into the source itself (and no – there is no binary package before anyone
> asks) but am I going to be forced to?
> As you can tell, I’ve never been too hot on C libraries – well not these
> libraries anyway!
> Cheers
> R
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