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Author: Bob Dunlop via Hampshire
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CC: Bob Dunlop
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Linux and LED Scrolling Signs

Very different spec from "battery powered toy badge". For a room sized
display with permanent power available and a need for connectivity I'd
look at some of the more serious hobby sites. Plenty of Arduino or
Raspberry Pi interfaced displays giving you a choice of Ethernet/Wifi/
Bluetooth connectivity and a lot of different programming options.

Good search terms for these sites are "LED matrix" or simply "matrix".

A couple to get you started.


Or a really cool project if probably not that useful for your use case.


On Mon, Oct 26 at 08:59, Rob via Hampshire wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied.
> I think I'm going to report to the powers that be that this is a bad idea. What we're after (for work) is a sign which shows either something like "All Systems Go" or lists the server(s) down.
> I guess we could "sacrifice" a display and leave it on 24/7/365 but a sign would seem to be a better (greener) solution. Can anyone suggest any other possibilities?

        Bob Dunlop

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