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Author: Thomas Kluyver via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG
CC: Thomas Kluyver
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Linux and LED Scrolling Signs
On Mon, 26 Oct 2020, at 08:59, Rob via Hampshire wrote:
> What we're after (for work) is a sign which shows either
> something like "All Systems Go" or lists the server(s) down.
> I guess we could "sacrifice" a display and leave it on 24/7/365 but a
> sign would seem to be a better (greener) solution.

From what you describe, this wouldn't change often, so maybe an e-ink display would be a green option? As I understand it, e-ink only requires power to update, so it can be very efficient for something that's mostly constant.

Second hand e-readers can be a cheap way to get a fairly large e-ink display. I was toying with this idea a few years ago, and found that old Kobo e-readers run Linux and are reasonably hackable - I think someone used one to display a weather forecast, for instance. That might be more involved than you want for a simple text sign, but I can dig out the links I found at the time if anyone is interested.

If you can spend a bit more money and/or accept a smaller display, you can get e-ink displays to use with Raspberry Pis or microcontrollers, e.g.


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