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Author: A. J. Trickett via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: A. J. Trickett
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] dealing with multiple IPs on a single system

> > What have other people done, if anything?
> >
> I tend to use separate subdomains for my LAN and VPN. That allows me to set
> up my hosts files so that from any given machine, the short name will be on
> the most appropriate entry for any given machine. For example,
> (an AWS EC2 instance at the moment) has the
> following entry on and

Thanks, that is what I was leaning towards in the end...

> ragnar

> while galactica has the following entry on ragnar:
> galactica

> and the following entries on caprica:
>      galactica
>   ...

> That way, the short names work, and I can directly address whichever
> interface I like using a name.
> Cheers
> Brad

Adam Trickett
Saint-Malo, Bretagne, FRANCE

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