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Author: Aaron West via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: Aaron West
Subject: [Hampshire] Anyone looking for a fun job working with Linux, load balancers, and computer networks..?
Hi List,

I thought I'd highlight this as the position is in PO6 so local and might
be of interest to some of the technical wizards on here.

The role comprises mostly of the following:

Blogs and helping marketing with content creation but only when their
deeper knowledge is needed for something

Professional services (May on occasion do themselves other times may
coordinate support to achieve this...)

Working with partners in the broader technical sense, help with their tech
questions, and help the documentation guys with any problems that need
further investigation.

Act as ‘Subject Matter Expert’ in any verticals you gain knowledge of
(typically storage, medical, cloud, or print).

Help reduce technical debt. Identify, manage and mitigate risk when working
on partner projects, sales opportunities, or just whenever you see it

Tech support/escalation point for the other teams, they can act as sounding
boards to assist fellow staff or take over important issues as and when

Advanced solutions design. Working with customers to understand and provide
the best high availability solutions achievable.

Use experiences to learn which features we miss the most and how we might
implement them in our product.

Encourage collaborative relationships with support. Help them understand
company goals around partners and verticals and where we all fit within

Understand and gain knowledge of companies’ targetted vertical markets in
preparation for future projects (typically storage, medical, cloud, or


I hope that it's relevant to someone.

Kind regards

Aaron West
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