[Hampshire] FOSDEM this weekend!

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Author: Andy Ransom via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: Andy Ransom
Subject: [Hampshire] FOSDEM this weekend!

Hi Folks,

I appreciate this is short notice but FOSDEM 21 is running online this

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I suppose this is a good time to mention FOSDEM which is happening this


Normally a large UK contingent travels to Brussels, but this year it's all
happening online.

Please spread the word and join in!

After a lot of debate we opted to use the matrix platform with
customisations that embed streams of videos and live moderated jitsi
Each talk has 3 phases.
- A pre-recorded video, streamed widely.
- Moderated Q&A where a host asks the speaker questions based on what
was submitted in the chat during the broadcast. This is also streamed
- Hallway discussion afterwards where attendees can join the speaker in
a jitsi call (while the next talk begins in the live stream).

You can just watch the broadcasts from live.fosdem.org, or participate
in the text chat via freenode #fosdem-* or the video chat via matrix
chat.fosdem.org. Or catch up on the videos afterwards.


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