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Author: Andy Ransom via Hampshire
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Subject: [Hampshire] Talk: John Alexander - Making Hardware Work, 10th February (fwd)


Wolves LUG are presenting an online Linux talk tonight...

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From: Adam Sweet
Subject: [lugmaster] Talk: John Alexander - Making Hardware Work, 10th February

Hi guys

Since there were no objections to my posting this here and one
suggestion that I should, details for our inaugural monthly talk below.
Please adapt and share as you see fit for your list.

John Alexander will be giving a talk on the evening of 10th Feb entitled:

Making it work - how to break incompatibility and dependency hell for
your hardware without mashing your desktop.

This will be an overview of Linux features you can use to get awkward,
custom or unusual hardware working without destroying your system or
descending into madness.

John is a regular with the Wolves, Shropshire, Birmingham and NoVa LUGs
with an interest in Linux, amateur radio, satellites, hardware hacking
and *attending all the LUGs*.

Please share it with any other relevant groups and on your <insert
irritating flash in the pan social media here> to help us bootstrap an
audience for future events.

We had planned to use Jitsi but since we're opening this out to a wider
audience we've fallen back on Zoom. Sorry if that cuts anyone out.


Meeting starts at 19:30 GMT, Weds 10th February.

The talk will start around 20:30.



Meeting ID: 894 3255 1454

No password required for this but guests will need to wait in the
virtual lobby before being allowed in.

There's a Meetup link here if people want to say they're coming:



Adam Sweet
Wolves LUG

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