Re: [Hampshire] Where to get Debian computer?

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Author: Simon Reap via Hampshire
To: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
CC: Simon Reap
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Where to get Debian computer?
Hi Peter,

I think your best bet is to get a barebones computer (Novatech?) and buy a magazine with a cover DVD, then install from that.

Good luck!

---- Peter Alefounder via Hampshire wrote ----

>I have decided that I can modify my requirements. It seems that
>getting a computer with Debian already installed is not possible.
>There was a company in the USA that would do that, but they have
>gone out of business. In any case, I now think it is not Debian
>that provides what I want, but KDE: multiple desktops, focus
>follows mouse and Konqueror. Ubuntu can be made usable.
>Aidan said:
>> Here's some links that might be worth exploring (in no particular order)
>> UK, Linux OEM
>> Overseas, Linux OEM
>Thanks Aidan. I have been exploring those. As far as I can tell
>from their web site, Starlabs only do laptops.
>Entroware: have something interesting, looks just like a monitor,
>but incorporates a computer as well. It has a sufficient number
>of USB ports. Web site says it is out of stock. I have sent an
>enquiry about that.
>Juno Computers: have something that might do except the only
>video output is HDMI 2.0. My monitor is D-Sub or VGA1.
>As for overseas, I'm not keen on trying to import directly, and
>no telling how long it might take.
>Peter Alefounder.
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