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Author: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Peter Alefounder
Subject: [Hampshire] Debian DVDs
Rocket Repairs in Southampton have been upgrading my main computer.
The hardware is done, but there is a software problem. One of the           
things I want is a Debian DVD (or image thereof) that will allow me      
to install software without using an internet connection. They are        
having problems with that. They can download the image, but the             
installer refuses to use it, complaining about a lack of index
files. They can install software from the internet and have asked   
me for a list of what I would use (which I am compiling), but it is     
quite likely that there will be something I have forgotten or will  
only find is wanted sometime later. A DVD would be useful.                      

My question is, therefore, where might a working copy (including    
index files) of a Debian 11.1.0 DVD be obtained? I would be 
grateful for any advice.                                            

Peter Alefounder.

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