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Author: Gareth Evans via Hampshire
To: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
CC: Gareth Evans
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Debian DVDs
Hi Peter,

> [...] They can download the required image (I presume from an
> official website) but it does not work - they tell me that the
> installer complains about missing index files.

I would be interested to know how this error was encountered. I've never seen it, and can't find anything of apparent relevance by googling it.

Assuming you mean they have installed Debian but can't seem to install software from the DVD [image]...

The entire set of Debian images no longer seems to be available from or its mirrors - I can only find dvd-1/bt-1 etc wherever I look.

FWIW, this technique still seems to work (so far) on Debian 11. A mounted local image (or directory containing files) seems a better approach to me than mounting a usb stick each time, if for no other reason than that their reliability varies somewhat - but the instructions could be adapted for that approach if desired.

Recent versions of apt require an override to stop apt complaining about an unsigned repository.

I'm not sure if this issue exists with the official version via the download link on - I used the unofficial/non-free DVD image, which you may know includes some proprietary firmware/drivers:

If you run into this issue having followed the instructions in the first link above:

Option 1: Create and sign your own repository
(this will require the DVD contents to be copied somewhere writeable)

Option 2: (easier)
Place "[trusted=yes]" after "deb" in /etc/apt/sources.list - eg:
deb [trusted=yes] file:/path/to/mountpoint bullseye main contrib non-free

See man sources.list for more info on this, about half way down the page.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

On Sun 28 Nov 2021, at 23:43, Peter Alefounder via Hampshire <hampshire@???> wrote:
> Artur Łądka said:
>> Best way to have/install virtually any Linux distro nowadays (even
>> applies to MS Windows 10!) is to download iso image from official
>> website and put it on USB stick. It is way faster, easier, cheaper and
>> more eco friendly than burning DVD. I will also suggest to use netinst
>> image rather than full one, as you must have - even if not decent -
>> unlimited broadband available - as installer will download most recent
>> packages during setup process anyway.
> I don't mind what medium the image is on - that is not the point. As
> part of the upgrade, I asked Rocket Repairs to add a SSD and install
> the latest stable Debian/KDE on it. I would like to be able to add
> other software without using an internet connection, so also requested
> a copy of the first Debian DVD (or equivalent, I don't mind whether it
> is on memory stick or even the hard disk). It is this which is causing
> the problem. They can download the required image (I presume from an
> official website) but it does not work - they tell me that the
> installer complains about missing index files. There is no problem
> installing software from the internet and I can give them a list, but
> I have little doubt that I would want more later. I have not been able
> to find anything on the internet that might help with this problem.
> Thanks for your offer of help, Artur, but really, Rocket Repairs
> should be able to supply a working image.
> Peter Alefounder.
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