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Author: aidangcole--- via Hampshire
To: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Debian/KDE problems

I feel you pain, as traditionally using workspaces as I wish has
historically been a useful and productive part of my own workflows.
This isn't a Debian thing, it is a Plasma thing. KDE in their wisdom
seem to have decided that 'Activities' is where it's all at now. First
you need to define your desired 'Activity' and from there you can the
set about setting up your workspaces as desired, including custom or
different desktop backgrounds.

Meanwhile titles and so forth are defined in the system setting
appearance sections.

Konqueror - - sorry haven't a clue

From memory I think you will probably now find with Debian 7.1 that
disks are mounted using the disk's UUID


On 16/12/2021 12:37, Peter Alefounder via Hampshire wrote:
> Rocket Repairs have upgraded my computer - it is certainly a lot
> faster now, I am happy with the hardware, but have some questions
> about the software. Has anyone on this list got experience with the
> latest stable Debian with KDE? I have Debian 11.1.0, KDE 5.20.5.
> Firstly, I can't get multiple desktops to work properly. I have
> changed the background to be a plain colour, which I can alter, but
> if I do that for one desktop, the others all change as well. How
> can I change the background for the desktops individually? This was
> easy to do under Debian 7.1.
> Second - how do I change window title background colours? - at the
> moment, they are dark grey for the window with the focus, light
> grey without the focus. Again, easy to do on Debian 7.1.
> Thirdly - under some circumstances, not quite sure what causes this
> as yet, all the Konqueror windows on the various desktops migrate
> to the first one.
> Konqueror - where is the Find File function now?
> Rocket Repairs installed a SSD which is where /home resides. My
> old hard disk has been retained, and can be seen using lsblk as
> root. I have tried to mount my old home directory with the command
> mount /dev/sda5 /mnt
> but get the error message
> mount: /mnt: unknown file system type 'LVM2_member'.
> An internet search reveals that this is because it is a logical
> volume, but it is not clear how I should mount it.
> Any advice on the above would be welcome.
> Peter Alefounder.

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