[Hampshire] Debian/KDE problems

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Author: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Peter Alefounder
Subject: [Hampshire] Debian/KDE problems
Rocket Repairs have upgraded my computer - it is certainly a lot
faster now, I am happy with the hardware, but have some questions
about the software. Has anyone on this list got experience with the
latest stable Debian with KDE? I have Debian 11.1.0, KDE 5.20.5.

Firstly, I can't get multiple desktops to work properly. I have
changed the background to be a plain colour, which I can alter, but
if I do that for one desktop, the others all change as well. How
can I change the background for the desktops individually? This was
easy to do under Debian 7.1.

Second - how do I change window title background colours? - at the
moment, they are dark grey for the window with the focus, light
grey without the focus. Again, easy to do on Debian 7.1.

Thirdly - under some circumstances, not quite sure what causes this
as yet, all the Konqueror windows on the various desktops migrate
to the first one.

Konqueror - where is the Find File function now?

Rocket Repairs installed a SSD which is where /home resides. My
old hard disk has been retained, and can be seen using lsblk as
root. I have tried to mount my old home directory with the command
mount /dev/sda5 /mnt
but get the error message
mount: /mnt: unknown file system type 'LVM2_member'.

An internet search reveals that this is because it is a logical
volume, but it is not clear how I should mount it.

Any advice on the above would be welcome.

Peter Alefounder.

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