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Author: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Peter Alefounder
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Debian DVDs
Gareth Evans said:
> Assuming you mean they have installed Debian but can't seem to install
> software from the DVD [image]...

Yes, that appears to be the problem

> The entire set of Debian images no longer seems to be available from

That was the impression I had, but another web search has revealed this:
which includes a link to what I think is the required file.

Anyway, thanks, Gareth - I have forwarded your suggestions to Rocket
Repairs, along with that web page I found. One way or another, I hope the
problem can be solved.

Keith Edmunds said:
> So the people who have taken on this work - presumably for a fee - don't
> know enough to complete it, and somehow that's your problem to solve?

A good point! Yes, there is a fee, a substantial one, mainly for hardware.
The main board had failed and as I was thinking it was time for an upgrade
anyway (machine was built in 2013) I having something much faster. I also
asked for a SSD with the latest stable Debian/KDE, and they said I should
have a new power supply as well. As for it being my problem - I am using a
laptop with Ubuntu, which is preferable to no Linux at all, but I don't
really like it and the sooner I can have my main machine working again, the
better. So, to that extent and in the interests of getting the job done,
yes, my problem.


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