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Author: Rob via Hampshire
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Subject: Re: [Hampshire] (off topic) Sun Blade 1000
Hi Chris

I'll happily take it - but I'd have to arrange to have it collected as I'm
north of Manchester. Please contact me off list if it's still available
and we can talk further.


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Subject: [Hampshire] (off topic) Sun Blade 1000

Hi all,

I know this is kind of off topic, but I have a tatty but (as far I
know!) functional Sun Blade 1000 workstation that is now surplus to
requirements, and I'd like the space back.

Is anyone on here, or does anyone know someone, who would be interested?
I'm not after any money for it, just collect it from the Winchester area (or
meet somewhere reasonable) and keep it out of landfill!

It's currently in storage, but if anyone is genuinely interested, I can dig
it out and confirm the specs - but I recall it's a dual 900Mhz UltraSPARCIII
and 2Gb memory. I can't remember the disc or graphics right now.



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