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Author: James Tobin via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: James Tobin
Subject: [Hampshire] Fwd: JOB | Startup in London, UK (Blockchain, Cryptocurrency)

I'm working with a stealth startup that wants to develop a tailor-made
blockchain solution from the ground up. Their goal encompasses several
key elements: designing the blockchain architecture, crafting
consensus algorithms, and establishing a marketplace that incorporates
their own unique cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currency for
seamless buying and selling transactions

Their team is small but eager to grow, and they're particularly
interested in individuals with a passion for philosophy, religion,
politics, art, startups, movement building, or an interest in
technical areas such as smart contracts, governance mechanisms,
decentralization and centralization, blockchain technologies, and
token-based economics to pull off what they want to achieve

Previous experience is *not* a prerequisite. They are seeking
individuals with *untapped* potential. From all walks of life. If you
can bring value by fulfilling any of the positions such as "Project
Manager, Blockchain Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Web Designer,
Security Expert, Payment Integration Specialist, Legal Consultant,
Marketing Consultant, Customer Support, QA, UX Researcher, Data
Analyst" they are fully committed to reciprocating and adding value to
you as well

Consequently, I had hoped that some members of this list may like to
discuss further. I can be reached using "JamesBTobin (at) Gmail (dot)

Kind regards,

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