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Author: Tim via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Tim
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Jammy and SMB v1.0
Not sure where you look but is it possible that SMBv1.0 has been turned
ogg on the non working PC as it is no longer support etc etc.

Does this help:

Tim H

On 31/08/2023 16:38, rmluglist2--- via Hampshire wrote:
> Hi all
> A real curious one this…   I have an old NAS box which only accepts
> SMBv1.0 connections.   I can connect to it:
> Sudo mount – t cifs sharename mountpoint -o
> username=foo,uid=bar,gid=foobar,vers=1.0
> from one of my Ubuntu jammy boxes with no problem.   A newer machine
> (fresh install – but exactly the same version of jammy – identical
> output from lsb_release -a) gives the mount.cifs(5) error Input /
> Output error with exactly the same command that worked on the first
> box.   It goes as far as asking for my password on the NAS box so it’s
> not a connection or permissions thing.
> Doing a quick dmesg reveals that VFS CIFS SMBV1.0 is not recommended
> blah blah blah.   Said NAS is a proprietary OS and I can’t patch it to
> go beyond v1.0
> So looks like there’s some sort of setting on the working box that’s
> not being replicated on the non-working box.   Both contain the same
> version of samba (i.e. samba –version) throws up the same response on
> both boxes so I’m a bit stumped.   This is a difficult thing to google
> for as there are so many parameters: most references to samba v1.0
> seem to be for those trying to get their new server to speak v1.0
> whereas I’m trying to get a client to connect.
> As ever – thanks in advance.
> Rob
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