[Hampshire] Jammy and SMB v1.0

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Author: rmluglist2--- via Hampshire
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Subject: [Hampshire] Jammy and SMB v1.0
Hi all

A real curious one this. I have an old NAS box which only accepts SMBv1.0
connections. I can connect to it:

Sudo mount - t cifs sharename mountpoint -o

from one of my Ubuntu jammy boxes with no problem. A newer machine (fresh
install - but exactly the same version of jammy - identical output from
lsb_release -a) gives the mount.cifs(5) error Input / Output error with
exactly the same command that worked on the first box. It goes as far as
asking for my password on the NAS box so it's not a connection or
permissions thing.

Doing a quick dmesg reveals that VFS CIFS SMBV1.0 is not recommended blah
blah blah. Said NAS is a proprietary OS and I can't patch it to go beyond

So looks like there's some sort of setting on the working box that's not
being replicated on the non-working box. Both contain the same version of
samba (i.e. samba -version) throws up the same response on both boxes so I'm
a bit stumped. This is a difficult thing to google for as there are so
many parameters: most references to samba v1.0 seem to be for those trying
to get their new server to speak v1.0 whereas I'm trying to get a client to

As ever - thanks in advance.


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