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Author: Paul Tansom via Hampshire
To: Portsmouth LUG Mailing List, Hampshire LUG, Surrey LUG, Sussex LUG, IoW LUG, Rustington LUG
CC: Paul Tansom
Subject: [Hampshire] Portsmouth and South East Hants LUG - August 19th IRL
This month's meet will be at Broad Oak, with the usual IRL start of 1pm,
on Saturday 19th August.

Eight things of note:

  * Sandwiches will be available.
  * I still have a funny walk (tests ongoing).
  * The finish will likely be marginally early, or at the least pretty
    prompt on 6pm (as I have to be at my next commitment by 7pm).
  * As an aside to that, is everyone happy with the time? It may be a
    bit long for some, but at same time makes it worth the travel for
  * I'm not going to commit to a talk, but I have been doing quite a bit
    of work on managing BIND and KEA-DHCP with Ansible and Jinja2 so may
    be able to talk about it.
  * As an aside to that, there's a subtle difference between doing a
    talk and talking about something (something to do with preparation
    and slides I think ;-) ).
  * Finally, this list has been a bit like the weapons of the Spanish
    Inquisition, the list kept growing (I'll just count and pop to the
    top to adjust the count).
  * Oh, and finally (again) please note that the date is the 19th, not
    tomorrow which I know breaks with a long running tradition ;-) (/me
    makes another quick count adjustment).

See you there or, well, erm, not I guess - it is purely voluntary, but
we still don't bite and we have no plans to. (I think this still works
with me not there!).

Keep safe.


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