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Author: Chris Ellis via Hampshire
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CC: Chris Ellis
Subject: [Hampshire] PostgreSQL - PGDay UK
For any of you that are interested in PostgreSQL, the best Open Source database.

We have a UK conference coming up: PGDay UK on the 12th September
2023. This is a reboot of the previous PostgreSQL London events, now
organized by the PostgreSQL community.

PGDay UK will be a great opportunity for UK and European PostgreSQL
users, developers and enthusiasts to learn, network and catch up.

The event will cover a wide range of topics, with talks spanning
PostgreSQL internals to real world case-studies. With talks from
companies of all sizes and domains.

And not to be forgotten the hallway track, full of caffeine (or your
drink of choice) fueled discussions with peers from the community,
likely carrying on after the event finishes.

I'm sure there will be something for everyone:

* DBAs currently using PostgreSQL
* Application developers
* PostgreSQL contributors
* Open Source enthusiasts

Find out more and to register your tickets: https://2023.pgday.uk/


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