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Author: Paul Stimpson
To: Andy Random via Surrey, Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] [Surrey] Best place to buy a Raspberry Pi?
I buy mine from Pimoroni. They started as a bunch of makers in Sheffield and they're definitely "one of us." They make good cases too.
All the best,Paul.
------ Original message------From: Andy Random via SurreyDate: Mon, 9 Jan 2017 18:28To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List;Cc: SLUG;Subject:[Surrey] Best place to buy a Raspberry Pi?

So I've resisted buying a Pi until now because I have way too much junk in
the house I bought and never really used and given the way the Pi has
changed since it was first launched that was probably a good plan.

However now I have something I want a low power always on wifi enabled
device for and I'm think a Raspberry Pi fits the bill.

So where is the best place to buy one?

I'm happy to buy one from a real shop if there is one I can visit easily
and won't make me pay significantly over the odds (hello Maplin) or order
online. I'm an Amazon Prime member so ordering from Amazon is easy and
delivery is free, but honestly I try not to buy everything from Amazon
just on principal.

I'm looking for a Pi with wifi (Pi 3 model B?) an SD card for it and a
power supply, I don't need a case but if the cheapest/easiest way to get
what I want is some kind of starter kit that includes a case that's fine.

I really don't want an HDMI cable (I have too many already) or a Keyboard
or mouse as once setup the Pi will run headless and be administered via

So recommendation please?


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