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Author: Andy Random
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: portsmouth
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Partitioning etc. problem was: Re: [Portsmouth LUG] Does anyone use Fedora?


On Wed, 18 Jan 2017, Lisi Reisz via Hampshire wrote:

> Further to this. I had received the following request for help:
> <quote>
> I have been using Fedora 20 for a long time, and now it is so out of date that
> I need to do a complete re-install to get to Fedora 25 (I have tried
> alternative approaches with no success).
> In doing so I have made the machine unbootable on its own, but I can get a
> live version of Fedora 25 running from a USB stick (the DVD drive is also
> u/s -- it destroyed the first disc I used). I had a dual boot with Windows
> Vista, just in case, and I would like to preserve that.

If you have a working Windows install on the machine or there is any data
on the machine at all that you would like to keep I would strongly
recommend backing up before you make any partition changes.

If it is just data you should be able to get it off via the live boot you
mentioned, but if you want to retain the Windows partition then I'd
suggest backing up the drive with something like Clonezilla
( before going any further.

> I believe the installation process is pretty well the same for all main
> flavours of Linux until it gets to the point of actually installing the
> software on to the hard drive. My question is only about partitioning. I
> have looked at how Ubuntu is installed and there seem to be several methods,
> but they all go through the partitioning stage, so I am sure this is common
> to both Ubuntu and Fedora, and probably all versions of Linux.

The last time I installed Fedora (23) the partion manager seems quite
different from either the CentOS or Ubuntu partion manager I am familiar
with so I'm not sure that is true, however if all you need to do is
understand the partitions currently on the disk to know which to reuse
that is likely distro independent.

> My problem is that I don't understand the result of parted run under Live
> Fedora 25, nor the information given when I get to allocating partitions
> during the installation to hard drive, nor how to relate the two -- it is
> that particular area that I would like help with.

If I make the meeting (and I'm still hoping to) I maybe able to help with
that, however this process is potentially risky and I repeat I would
strongly recommend backing up the partitions first. It is what I would do
if it was my own system as If you don't you could wipe everything
accidentally and if you proceed without a backup I take absolutely no
responsibility for the results.


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