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Author: Peter Alefounder
To: hampshire
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Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Linux laptop
Thanks to all those who replied, Thomas Kluyver, Ian Park, Aaron West
and particularly Ben Parsonage. Ben - I think you have solved the
problem. The Dell Inspiron machine looks like it will do very well. I
investigated Entroware some time ago, but they do not reply to email.
At the time I was looking for a screen with greater vertical
resolution, but they all cost a great deal more. I have now made the
particular program in question detect the screen size and adjust
the output window accordingly, so that is no longer a problem.

> 1. Graphics cards: If you're not interested in gaming, stick to
> Intel integrated graphics.

Only worthwhile game I've ever known was bz, which ran on a Silicon
Graphics Unix cluster (this was years ago). The Dell machine does
indeed have Intel graphics.

> making it work(For me at least) can be half the fun!

I dare say it is, but I have other things to do and would rather have
something that "just works" with Linux already installed.

Peter Alefounder.

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