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Author: Samuel Penn
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Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Linux laptop
On Friday 05 May 2017 11:13:02 Peter Alefounder via Hampshire wrote:
> Thanks to all those who replied, Thomas Kluyver, Ian Park, Aaron West
> and particularly Ben Parsonage. Ben - I think you have solved the
> problem. The Dell Inspiron machine looks like it will do very well. I
> investigated Entroware some time ago, but they do not reply to email.

Sorry, only just noticed that comment.

I thought it was just me, since Entroware seem to get rated as a
good company by the Ubuntu Podcast. Twice I've tried to contact
them about their laptops over the past few years, and neither time
did I get a peep out of them. I ended up buying something from
elsewhere both times.

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