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Author: Peter Alefounder
To: hampshire, ichaudhry
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Linux laptop
> Have you already bought it Peter?

Yes, I have, thanks, Imran. I got one of these:
a Dell Inspiron.

I prefer Debian to Ubuntu, but it's good enough. I now know why
people choose Microsoft, though. So many things in Ubuntu require
use of the command line! If I was not already familiar with that,
I'd be stuck. Just for example, there's a completely useless software
manager - it makes "recommendations" but provides no way to install
anything recommended. That requires apt-get. The file browser has
no GUI for making a file executable (or at least, not one that I can
find) - so I use chmod. I don't mind doing that, but I can see why
a lot of people might be put off Linux by Ubuntu.

I do not find the touchpad easy to use, but the laptop is happy with
an old mouse that I plug in.

Samuel Penn said:
>I thought it was just me, since Entroware seem to get rated as a good
>company by the Ubuntu Podcast. Twice I've tried to contact them about
>their laptops over the past few years, and neither time did I get a
>peep out of them.

So it's not just me, then! Perhaps they prefer to do business with no
questions asked.

Peter Alefounder.

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