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Author: Lisi Reisz
To: Portsmouth LUG Mailing List, Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: [Hampshire] Things I hope to bring to Saturday's meeting and might like help with.
Things I hope to bring to the meeting and might like help with.

1. There is my “new” netbook, at which I have so far not looked. If it has a
shiny screen it will be no use to me for now, but I still don’t know whether
it has. I am intending to try and install Stretch without systemd and with
TDE 14. I thought of doing this by doing a minimum install of Jessie with a
net-install disk, then upgrading to Stretch, removing system-d (not
fanatically. I have no axe to grind and am happy to have it on my system if
the developers think that it should be there. I just have not so far much
liked it as my init system) and then installing from Tasksel. I haven't
quite decided whether to have Mate on as well as TDE. Probably depends on
whether Martin is able to make it on Saturday!!!

1A. Aidan told me how to control the systemd “feature” I most dislike, but my
attempts were not very successful. I had intended to publish my efforts so
that people could help to disentangle me.

2. I also have an installation to do for someone else who was massively
conned. He is now in the situation where he has not got access to his laptop
and the scammers have!! Having cold-called him, they have so-called sorted
out his (probably non-existent) problems, and put a password on (which they
have not told him) pending his giving them his credit card details.
Fortunately his wife came home while he was still struggling to read his
credit card number.

2. cont. Since the response both he and his wife produce to “Have you got the
original disks” is “yer wha???”, I think we can reasonably assume that they
have not. So, since I am fortunate enough to be unable to reinstall Windows
after a disc wipe, I am going to install Linux (with their complete
agreement). I had thought of bringing the machine to the meeting for the
installation of Ubuntu-Mate, but on second thoughts, he is partially sighted,
almost blind, so Mate isn't awfully good. TDE is, very sadly, just starting
to suffer from bit-rot, and is not yet fully ready for Stretch, so for a
third party it would have to be Jessie, but for what they use (browser and
not much else) it is fine still. I still may bring the laptop for people to
look at and help me with! But if I am to administer it, then it had better
have Debian not Ubuntu. ;-)

2 - Aside – Mate is much better for blind people than TDE, the audio is much
better. But TDE is much better for reduced, but existing, sight.

Anything pertinent anyone can bring, much appreciated!

See you all on Saturday.


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