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Author: Gareth Evans via Hampshire
To: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
CC: Gareth Evans
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] file transfer, Android to Ubuntu
Hi Peter,

Not sure but I wonder if this may help you:

gvfs-copy may be worth a look, or possibly

The original question referred to a Walkman but both Android and issues supposedly fixed in Ubuntu 13.10 are mentioned in the first answer, which is also where the above are mentioned.

Hope that helps.

On Fri, 3 Apr 2020, at 23:33, Peter Alefounder via Hampshire wrote:
> I have a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I find that I can transfer
> photos from an Android phone connected by a USB cable using the file
> browser. They are in
> XT1032/DCIM/Camera
> However, csv files in
> XT1032/Download
> are listed but can not be moved. I get an error message:
> Error getting file: -6: Not Supported
> First question: what can I do about this? I have searched the internet
> but the software suggested (android-file-transfer) does not appear to
> exist. In any case, why should some files transfer with no problem,
> but not others?
> Second question: the reason the files are on the phone is that the
> website they are from does not work with Chrome on the laptop. Other
> web sites are not happy with it either. Is there a better web browser
> available for Ubuntu 14? If possible, I would like to prevent
> automatic loading of images, and just select which ones to see. My
> internet connction is slow (via the phone).
> I would be grateful for any advice.
> Peter Alefounder.
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