[Hampshire] Detect USB or SATA drive

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Author: Rob Malpass via Hampshire
To: 'Hampshire LUG Discussion List'
CC: Rob Malpass
Subject: [Hampshire] Detect USB or SATA drive
Hi all

I need a bit of help identifying drives that I (stupidly) didn't put a
sticker on before I initialised them.

I have about 6 drives connected to my media server. 2 are inside the case
connected by SATA (1 is the OS (Xenial) and the other is media). Then
there are 4 connected externally (in one 4 bay das jbod).

It would be useful to me if I could determine (via df -h if poss) which are
usb and which are usb.

I've tried lsusb and lshw -C disk but neither are helping. lshw keeps
telling me they're all SCSI for example which I know is wrong. They're all
SATA - it's just that some are connected via USB, some aren't.



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