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Author: Rob via Hampshire
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Subject: Re: [Hampshire] One for sed experts
That’s done the trick – thanks.

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The problem is not the spaces, the problem is the "\" which becomes an escape character, so sed is looking for c:usersfreditunes mediamusic

I created a test file with references in it as per your C dir example (Called it test2)

After running an updated command to allow the back slashes to be seen:

sed -i 's^c:\\users\\fred\\itunes\\itunes media\\music\\^x:\\anotherfolder\\^g' test2

It updated the file with the directories changed.

[marc@Surface7~]$ cat test2
c:\users\fred\itunes\itunes media\music\1.3mu
c:\users\fred\itunes\itunes media\music\2.3mu
c:\users\fred\itunes\itunes media\music\3.3mu
c:\users\fred\itunes\itunes media\music\4.3mu
[marc@Surface7~]$ sed -i 's#c:\\users\\fred\\itunes\\itunes media\\music\\#x:\\anotherfolder\\#g' test2
[marc@Surface7~]$ cat test2



On Sat, 4 Jul 2020 at 10:56, rmluglist2--- via Hampshire <hampshire@??? <> > wrote:

Hi all

I’ve just moved media players (to mediamonkey from itunes). I can import playlists but the old ones

are pointing at my previous library which I’ve now moved. I want to change all references to

c:\users\fred\itunes\itunes media\music\



for every .m3u file in a given folder. I’ve made a folder that just contains the .m3u files by copying so , after much googling, I’ve got this:

sed -i 's#c:\users\fred\itunes\itunesmedia\music\#x:\anotherfolder\#g' *

but I’m getting sed: -e expression #1, char 55: unterminated `s' command

I dunno whether it’s because my first string has spaces or the character ‘s’ but I can’t make it work. As ever (in my experience) I don’t know whether I’m one keystroke away or should be using awk or something similar like awk.



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