Re: [Hampshire] [OT] Windows: Cold boot slow, restarts fast

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Author: Edward Beckmann via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Edward Beckmann
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] [OT] Windows: Cold boot slow, restarts fast

I'm no windows expert but a few things spring to mind:

> at what point does the boot seem to be slow? basic self-test, windows

splash screen .... etc? That will help decide whether it's a cold hardware
issue or somewhere in the loading process

> win does a lot of checking, updating, anti-virus scanning and tidying up

automatically and this slows it down hugely. You can change the settings so
it only checks when you ask, and also might get some hints what utilities
may be running daily.

> if you do a normal, slow first boot and wait until it seems to have done

all of its initial maintenance, is it subsequently very slow if you shut
down then switch on again as opposed to doing a restart? Again, that will
give you some more hints.

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