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Author: James Kissel via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: James Kissel
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] raspberry pi and educational software
On 2022-03-14 17:42, Roger Munford via Hampshire wrote:
> Thanks for all your interest and suggestions.
> I was basically doing a bit of research for the German economist. I
> had always known that the prime aim of the raspberry pi was education
> and part of that was making it affordable so that those interested
> could get their hands on one and feel the magic that we presumably all
> enjoy. This is be very important for developing countries because they
> need an army of technicians to help overcome the challenges that they
> face. It seems to me that the raspberry pi, and associated educational
> software could be enormously useful.
> My almost accidental visit to the secondary school was quite
> inspirational. It was amazing to see them teaching a full curriculum
> under really tough conditions. Imagine doing chemistry or Physics
> without and labwork. I of course was interested to see the ICT center.
> I thought that the students would benefit a lot more if they had 5 - 6
> raspberry pis so that each would have more keyboard time. However a
> colleague said that the powers that be might think that the raspberry
> pi is inferior to windows because that's what they use in Europe.
> The school had a couple of solar panels ,a charger, a 12V battery and
> a UPS  with a normal PC attached to it. The solar set up was financed
> by Polish Development aid and I think it could be easily extended.
> They do get a lot of inappropriate stuff that they can't use because 
> of the environment. They had a load of very slim continental plug
> sockets that would look great in a Swedish house but they are so hard
> to fit that they were just hanging off the walls. What they needed was
> something much more bulky with big screws  and room to bend cables
> around. Something to last.
> James, the story about soldering with a heated iron bar sounded really
> interesting. Can you be tempted to flesh it out a bit?

Different James, but I have used one that looks just like this including
the tray. Copper tip on a steel rod.

> Regards
> Roger
> On 14/03/2022 09:30, Roger Munford via Hampshire wrote:
>> I was recently lucky enough to be involved in a development project in
>> a remote community in Ethiopia which involved installing solar and
>> batteries.
>> Whilst we were there we visited the local school which had an "ICT"
>> centre with a single PC and a further PC used by the staff. It was
>> basically a large mud hut with a earth floor. Despite this the school
>> had managed to get 25 students into higher education. I thought that
>> they could benefit from a few raspberry pis.
>> On the way back I met a German development economist who was working
>> for the EU in Botswana . He said they were interested in a UK product
>> "the raspberry pi".
>> I promised to send him some background info about the raspberry pi and
>> how it could be used in education which I know it must but haven't had
>> experience myself.
>> Can anybody suggest resources links that would be useful to pass on? I
>> haven't started yet but can imagine somebody out there may have much
>> more experience.
>> Regards
>> Roger

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