[Hampshire] CUPS driverless printing problem

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Author: Gareth Evans via Hampshire
To: hampshire, portsmouth
CC: Gareth Evans
Subject: [Hampshire] CUPS driverless printing problem

I sent an email with some log excerpts but it seems it didn't get through. At least it didn't get back to me.

Can anyone please help troubleshoot a strange printing problem?

I have tried asking the debian-user mailing list, but nobody seems to be able or willing to help beyond the basics.

I have a Brother MFC-L2740DW with print/scan/fax/copy abilities, which supports airprint. Some time in the last couple of months (I don't print often so not sure when things changed) it stopped printing from the auto-detected IPP queue.

It will print driverlessly from an auto-detected/created queue:

- from my iphone
- from Ubuntu 22.04


- on Debian 11.(0,3} only if a queue is added via lpadmin, not if added by localhost:631 or system-config-printer.

lpstat -t at varying times, shows

"Waiting for job to complete".
"No suitable Destination Host found by cups-browsed"
"Printer disappeared or cups-browsed shutdown"

Sometimes jobs apparently succeed, according to queue monitors and lpstat, but still nothing prints. The printer lights up and whirrs as expected, but no output emerges.

Queue creation for the autodetected IPP printer is hit and miss - system-config-printer won't show the "autodetected" queue after reboot if a manually-added queue already exists.

There are also references to (something like)


in cups error_log and cups-browsed_log, and the auto-detected queue (when it is auto-detected) in system-config-printer won't persist changes to the driver containing "fax, driverless" (to the one without "fax")

I wonder if this suggests it's being auto-detected as (only) a fax machine?

I would like autodetected, driverless printing back, and really don't know what happened.

Any ideas gratefully received. Happy to try suggestions or provide log excerpts.

Many thanks,

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