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Author: A. J. Trickett via Hampshire
To: James Courtier-Dutton
CC: A. J. Trickett, Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Home router with DMZ - any suggestions

> Just to clarify, you get 2 Gig download speeds over a RJ45 Gig-E
> connection?

The contact says 2 Gig, I've not seen the SFR physical
presentation, but Orange provide a fibre into the house (they own
the last kilometre), which goes into a small media converter box
which then goes into their "all in once device" via CAT-6 & RG45.

> Is that using a 10Gbps cable or a 2.5Gbps ethernet cable.

I'm not 100% sure, having not seen the actual device that SFR
offer. I know it's Orange that will provide the physical fibre to
the house though, not SFR.

> You won't be able to get 2 Gig download over a 1G Ethernet cable.
> I am asking because you will need to get a device/router with the
> correct physical connection and speed.

The implication (my assumption) is that they provide router
with multiple 1Gb RJ-45 Gig Ethernet on the LAN side and a 2.5Gig
Ethernet on the LAN side (CAT6 or fibre?).

So you are correct that no single device can exceed a 1G
connection it's self, but the house could pull 2 Gig in total over
several decvices, which is what they are suggesting on their web

It may be that it's best to put up with the ISPs own device, the
current one they provide does allow you a certain degree of
customisation, and even works very well in English too.... I know
it's a custom Linux application - or at least that's what NMAP

The annoying thing is they don't do WireGuard VPN on their

> On Mon, 12 Apr 2021 at 15:45, A. J. Trickett via Hampshire
> <hampshire@???> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > In the near future I'm hoping to get FTTP. The roll out in France
> > is fibre to the actual house with a single RG45 Gig-E connection
> > from the media converter.
> >
> > For my money I get:
> > 2 Gig download speeds
> > 1 Gig upload speeds
> > 1 x IPv4 address
> > 1 x IPv6 block
> > No transfer cap
> >

Adam Trickett
Saint-Malo, Bretagne, FRANCE

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